A few words from our members..


“This group has been one hell of a ride. The members are amazing. The mods are mind boggling and what can i say about the God of Crypto: God is god, nothing beyond."

peppybrownie#5366 / Discord user

“I originally joined because I found value in Johnny's tweets and wanted to support him. After a couple weeks in the group it began feeling like a family. The fire calls and making extra money in futures is the cherry on top. I would happily pay just to be apart of an amazing group of people."

Inspire#9069 / Discord user

"The advice, calls, and support here are so precise, if anyone doesn’t make money here, this is not your game. Trading is a difficult skill to master and I’ve been learning for almost three years. There’s no other resource I’ve found that has taught me so much in such a short time."

Boudicca#2340 / Discord user

"I joined this community a week ago and I'm already close to canceling all other group subscriptions/services that I have. It's not easy to find a good cryptogroup that helps you master the daily challenges of the cryptomarket. Ever since I joined I've recognized how amazing your service is by preventing us from entering stupid trades, provide really great trade setups and there are always someone to talk to. Most importantly is that everyone wants to help each other learn."

LordCory#4892 / Discord user