Frequently Asked Questions


Do you accept other payment methods such as crypto?

No. Unfortunately, we only accept payments for the subscription through our website with card. Our payment processor is stripe, one of the most secure payment processing platforms in the world.

This may or may not change in the future.

Do you provide coaching?

At this time we do not provide coaching.

How risky is Futures Trading?

Futures trading is extremely risky, especially for beginners. Trading with leverage can be very rewarding, however it comes with high risk, especially if not done correctly. We urge all new subscribers to learn basic technical analysis and do their own back-testing and paper-trading first.

Every member is 100% responsible for their own trades and actions in the market, and futures trading may not be suitable or desirable for everyone.

Is your brand Trademarked?

TRADEMARKS: Walsh Wealth Group, Walsh Wealth, CryptoGodJohn, Crypto God John and Walsh Wealth Group-logo.

The Walsh Wealth Group, Walsh Wealth, and/or Walsh Wealth Group products and brands referenced herein are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Walsh Wealth Group. Other product and company names mentioned herein are trademarks of their respective owners, such as Crypto God John™ and CryptoGodJohn™.

Full trademark notice can be found here.

Discord Group

Do you offer a trial period?

We do not offer trial periods at this time.

How do I cancel my subscription?

We're sad to see you go.

You can cancel your subscription either by:

  1. Clicking the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email you received from Launchpass when you subscribed.
  2. Send a message to the Launchpass ( LaunchPass#9512) bot on Discord with the command !cancel
  3. Send a DM to CryptoGodJohn on Twitter.
We would love to hear your feedback, so feel free to send us a message through one of our socials.

How are the signals?

Everything comes with Entries and Stop-losses in a channel for trades and ideas. TP's are usually up to individual members, but we urge members to take profits aggressively as the space is highly volatile. However, we do also release charts for potential breakouts etc, meaning (you) the trader will have to do some charting on your own without relying on the moderators.

We also know that a lot of our members use a varying degree of Leverage, meaning members will have to manage their Stop-losses on their own in regards to their risk and appetite.

How often do you release ideas?

It all depends on the market. We take capital preservation very seriously, and like to play the trendy days over the choppy ones. Signals are released when its appropriate or safe to do so. As traders that release their ideas to a wide range of members with varying degree of experience we have to stay somewhat accountable for our trades considering the risks involved.

What type of signals do you have?

We trade mostly in Perpetual Futures with leverage, but that doesn't stop us from using Uniswap, spot trades and provide valuable profitable longer-term investments. We provide both Long and Short signals dependant on the trend.

Select members and mods are also very involved with Datasets in the the Ocean Marketplace.

I did not receive an invite after subscribing.

Make sure you checked your spam-folder with the email you subscribed with and that you entered the correct email. If you think you input the wrong e-mail when you subscribed, you must contact Launchpass directly through this email:

If you still have any issues, you can send John a DM through Twitter here.

What does it cost to become a member?

As of March 1st 2021
Our current monthly membership for the Discord server is $199 per month or $1999 annually. Sign up here.

How much capital do I need to trade?

You do not require a lot of capital to trade, especially in futures. By staying disciplined, taking profit and compounding your gains, you can easily grow your futures account. There are several members that have started out with as little as $50 growing it into $1000s by using the tips and tricks that we provide. It is important to note that nothing is guaranteed.

However, we do not recommend putting more than 5-10% MAX of your total portfolio in futures. The majority of your holdings should be in spot.

What timezone are you in?

We have members from all over the world, meaning you'll always have someone to talk to.

Our traders and moderators are from both US and EU and Asia, so we got you covered in all areas. As mentioned in "How often do you release trades/ideas?" - we only post when its safe.

Why are you not accepting new memberships for your discord?

Because of increasing demand and capacity, we may temporarily put new subscriptions on hold until we have increased capacity and are ready to welcome new members into our group. We open our subscriptions once per month, usually at the 1st of every month. Follow our socials for updates.

How do I get access to the group?

You can get access to the group by clicking HERE or one of the Subscribe buttons on this website. Payment is done through Launchpass.
After successful payment you will get an email with instructions from Launchpass through the email you paid and registered with. The email will contain an invitation-link that you will have to join through.

Remember to message the Launchpass-bot with the activation code that you received in the email.

I'm an old member that would like to re-subscribe, but the price has changed.

Due to popular demand and basic supply/demand we may increase or decrease our subscription fee to scale our operations. That means if you were an early member, but decided to un-sub and re-sub at a later stage AFTER price has been modified, you will be subscribing to the new prices. As of February 13th 2021 Example: You subscribed during Autumn 2020 at a rate of $80, but cancelled your subscription and now want to subscribe February 2021, you will have to subscribe under the new terms and fees of $140 monthly or $1400 annually.

Why did I get kicked out of the group? I didn't do anything malicious.

If you got removed from the group it might be because of a few reasons:

  1. Launchpass has tried to bill you for your subscription, but it has been declined. You will receive an email regarding your payment being declined. Make sure to have coverage on your card when you billing date arrives (every 30 days from the date you first subscribed). You can edit your CC-details in the email you received from when you subscribed.
  2. You cancelled your subscription and it ran out. If our subscription are currently closed, you will have to wait until we open our subscription again. Usually the 1st every month.